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Hi - my name is Albie Zielonka, I live in Canberra, the capital of Australia. I set up this business to get this wonderful product to the world. I have had spiritually satisfying experiences taking my Ormus and health benefits and would like to share that with you.

I have been taking Ormus since 17 November 08. The first time I took Ormus it was my own; I made it from Celtic Organic Sea salt. The second time was Gold and Copper Ormus; which I bought. I got more energy and started to feel much better, physically and spiritually. As I progressed into making my own Ormus, I discovered that the constellations was a factor in the Level Of Consciencousnes (LOC) of the Ormus quality, as well as the person's intentions and wishes. What that means is Astrological influences and people makes a mark on how strong the Ormus is. A full moon is the best and only time to make your Strong Ormus.

The beautiful feelings that Ormus has given me grows by the day. Coincidences that go my way happen frequently and more rapidly. When I first started I was rather screptical but now I have more faith that everytyhing will turn out alright. I can also see changes in my friends that take Ormus too. I will be updating this page frequently with more events and experiences about myself and friends. Last updated on Sunday 17th May 2009.